The Proposal

The Proposal

Gareth decided that the time was right to propose to Charlotte in late 2013 but was unsure about how to go about it. After booking a holiday to Bali in the following March, he decided that this was the perfect opportunity not to be missed. However, the logistics of keeping it a surprise would prove tricky to organise, as he didn’t want a single person to know prior to asking Charlotte.

He plucked up the courage to ask Charlotte’s parents Jan and Pete for permission a couple of months before the holiday by casually shoe-horning the subject of engagement rings into conversation, but not mentioning when he would actually propose. Jan jumped at the opportunity to tell Gareth about the specifications of the perfect ring that Charlotte would love. Ring settings, carats, and metals! It was all so confusing but also exciting and nerve-wracking!

Another problem arose in trying to find out Charlotte’s ring size without her knowing. Gareth decided to purchase a ring sizer and even contemplated measuring her finger whilst she was asleep! Eventually, he decided to measure one of Charlotte’s existing rings and pray that it would fit.

Gareth decided upon the perfect ring, travelled to Altrincham and had it custom made for Charlotte. Once the ring was ready, he then had to hide it without Charlotte finding it (who is like a magpie when it comes to shiny things) for three whole weeks before the trip to Bali.

Then came the panic of Gareth having to get the ring through customs in Manchester, Qatar, Singapore and Bali before being safely with him in the location where he planned to finally propose. After a brilliant day out travelling to Ubud to see the amazing rice paddies and temples in Tan Ah Lot, Gareth decided that proposing to Charlotte would be the perfect end to a brilliant day.

Gareth suggested that they both go to the beach and sit on a little temple building (pictured above) to watch the sunset over the sea. As the sun disappeared behind the horizon, he got down on one knee, presented the ring to Charlotte, and asked for her hand in marriage. She promptly said ‘Yes!’ and here we are today…